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Corporate Pilates Programs

The benefits of Pilates in-house fitness programs for employers are enormous:

  • Decrease your health care costs - a fit, energetic employee works more, gets sick less, makes your company more money and keeps your insurance rates down!
  • Increase your employee's productivity - An employee that looks great, feels great, healthy and energetic will be a more productive employee for your company.
  • Decrease your employee's sick leave - an employee that looks great feels great and has more energy gets sick less.
  • Increase your employee's moral - an employee that feels like their company takes an interest in their health and well being will be a more productive employee for your company.
  • Increase your employee's company loyalty - an increase in your employee's loyalty to your company means less costs recruiting and training new employees.
  • Increased employee work performance - an increase in your employee's fitness level will lead to a substantial improvement in your employee's attitude, concentration, energy level, work performance and an increase in your bottom line.

Special events:

We offer workshops and activity sessions for your company away-day, team building workshop or annual event. Studio Lindberg can provide you with the right setting and level of teaching for all skill levels and ensure that everyone goes away with a new and healthy experience.

Pilates at your pace and place!

We have extensive experience of teaching in a variety of settings, including beginners coming from different backgrounds, with little or no experience of body work. We regularly present at training organisations such as The King's Fund and private companies such as Donaldsons. We have helped StopGap Ltd during their awayday as one of the experts invited to bring new energy and awareness to the company's staff.

This is what StopGap Ltd's director Claire Owen said about our fitness program:

Many thanks for coming to our awayday and bringing such energy to the afternoon. There were very few people who had done Pilates previously but I think you managed to convert a vast number of them. We really appreciated the fact that you were dealing with novices and yet we all came away feeling that we'd learnt something and our bodies had been through a very energising workout.

All levels can enjoy Pilates.

During corporate sessions, students get a taster of movement technique, postural training and everyday use at work and outside of working hours. A lot of our new students tell us how are able to relax and unwind, sleep better and are generally better equipped to cope with stress and tension in their bodies thanks to taking part in regular Pilates classes at work.

We are happy to organise group sessions for you and your work colleagues at your office at your office, and will be happy to help structure the course and advise on levels, size of group, and possible pre-requisites.

All you need is a space that can accommodate up to 20 of your staff whilst lying down, with enough space to move their arms and legs around. Each session is tailored to last only 45 - 60 minutes.

Company day out.

Studio Lindberg will be happy to organise a Company Day Out (or in) for your organisation. Studio Lindberg can tailor make a package for your staff including a Pilates session, the services of a Nutritionist, Physiotherapist, Massages, and Osteopathy for your staff. We can bring these services to your workplace or we can accommodate your group at our studios in London W1.