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What Makes Our London Pilates Studio Unique?

Individual attention
At Studio Lindberg, we care particularly about your individual success with your Pilates training, even if you elect to take the majority of your lessons in the group format. Everyone is booked in for a private introductory lesson before joining the group, thus ensuring that you receive safe and effective training. This also gives you an opportunity for individual attention, the chance to discuss personal goals and to ask any questions you may have.

Our group sessions are small, with a maximum of 8 participants, to enable your instructor to give the highest level of supervision to each group member and ensuring everyone trains safely and effectively. If you have been looking for personalised Pilates instruction and want to combine group sessions with the benefit of having an instructor focusing specifically on your requirements, Studio Lindberg is the place for you!

Experienced instructors
All our instructors are experienced and highly educated in the Pilates technique, having been accredited by the most respected organisations. These courses are rigorous and give the practitioner a very complete education, from which you will benefit, secure in the knowledge that your instructor has had the best training and education available. Their personal teaching styles are also coloured by their diverse backgrounds in dance, fitness and a range of sports.


Our instructors are expected to keep up with new developments in Pilates and associated issues and to keep their skills fresh by attending training courses and conventions.

Thanks to our booking system, you will have a guaranteed space each week.
You will never risk dropping in and finding that there is no space left in your chosen class!