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Welcome to Studio Lindberg: The Pilates Specialists

'Start the new term with Pilates'

Pilates keeps on being popular, but why? What is it about Pilates that makes it so effective?

The method prides itself on re-shaping the body through a series of exercises that target deep, internal muscles that support posture, as well as the more superficial muscles that give us shape. It is non-impact method of exercises that anyone can do, and as you grow stronger and more experienced, you can increase the intensity and challenge.

Our experienced teachers will guide you through the most appropriate exercises and help you develop a shapely and strong body. All you need to do is to attend regularly, once weekly, and do the best you can, then we do the rest! Studio Lindberg welcomes you to our classes.'

What happens in a lesson? Transform your physique!
Every student starts with a one-on-one Pilates lesson to help tailor your instruction to suit your own goals and abilities.
Who are we? Our team:
All teachers at the Studio have qualified from one of the major training organisations:
Pilates in your London offices, corporate classes and corporate fitness programmes.
Employers value the improved health and well-being of their staff by offering Pilates courses which are held in the workplace.
Pregnancy Pilates.
Pregnancy Pilates sessions are specially developed to help strengthen the muscles and structures that are under a lot of stress during pregnancy.
Where and when? Our London based Pilates classes:
Studio Lindberg is located at 10 Harley Street, London W1 in the heart of Marylebone. Our Pilates classes are available at lunchtimes and in the evening.
Location map and schedule...