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Hi, I’m Agneta – a seasoned fitness professional who has taught over 25,000 exercises classes for some of the biggest health clubs in London. In 1999, I discovered the benefits of Pilates and opened up the first dedicated Pilates matwork studio in Harley Street. I’ve always tried to find the best ways to teach my clients. Today, I bring my unique classes into your own home, coaching you Pilates live and online – enabling us to train and meet forever!

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Assist Your Body & Pain

Flexibility & General Stiffness
Back Pain
Shoulder & Neck Pain “Tech Neck”
Core Strength & Posture Concerns

About Me

In a fitness career spanning over 30 years, I have had the pleasure of teaching group exercises and developing fitness programmes at some of the biggest health clubs and luxury hotels. After my time as a fitness instructor in my native Sweden, I moved to Malta and worked in a world-class gym at the Fortina Hotel, Sliema.

I then went to London, working as a fitness instructor at the renowned Canons chain of health clubs, which is now part of a big organisation called Nuffield health. I would frequently travel between New York and London to train, take workshops, get inspiration and work out with the best in the world.

In the late ’90s, my body was getting very tired. I was also experiencing disc-related problems and back pain. I realised I needed to find something different. I thought, should I do Yoga? Then, I went to this amazing workshop at a fitness convention in the U.S., and I became truly inspired by Pilates!

After getting my full certification, I opened up the first Pilates dedicated matwork studio in London. Nowadays, as a mature person with a mature body, I have found a new way to exercise that’s healthy for my body and for my clients. I have taken my studio live and online, and into the comfort of your own home – enabling us to train and meet forever!

As a coach, I believe there are options available for everybody. It is my job to provide those options. I’m passionate about providing an environment where all my clients feel empowered and successful. I can work with every level at any time and I have a long experience working with people in pain. My mission is to make the body move in a healthy way: to save the world through fitness and movement.

What My Clients Say

“Aggie is a miracle worker! She not only provides fantastic Pilates classes which have ensured that problems with my shoulders and back have now disappeared but she has also improved my posture and breathing plus her classes are fun and enjoyable – quite a feat to achieve!”



“Aggie has built a wonderful virtual class community. Her classes are a holistic experience for mind and body that leave you feeling uplifted, empowered and energised. I have been doing them for over 20 years and every class is still a pure delight. Testimony to her charisma and premium teaching.”



“After suffering a displaced disk in 2016, I turned to Pilates – Aggie was my prefered tutor at Nuffield City gym. During lockdown her energy was limitless, organising classes six days per week via Zoom, keeping us socially connected and fighting fit whilst remaining happy and bouncing with energy, Thank you Aggie for everything you do, life would be rather dull without you.”



“Agneta’s online pilates classes kept me sane and fit during the lockdown. Now, I can’t imagine life without them. Her easy manner, clear instructions and total expertise now punctuates my week. I have really seen the difference in both my body shape, tone and my general mood. It’s become a happy, healthy habit!”



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Train With Agneta

“My body was tired and in pain. I needed to find something different. I thought about doing Yoga. But after attending an inspirational workshop in America, I realised it was Pilates that I needed to do.”
– Agneta Lindberg, Founder of Studio Lindberg